Chair Six

Yuan Yao
MADWORKSHOP Fellow, 2014

Yao set out to create a minimal lightweight foldable chair, whose inherent ‘origami’ mechanism has elevated its design by reflecting its visual and spatial transformation. (continued below)

His study began by mocking up a primitive sample that used plywood and piano hinges. This first draft of the chair used materials that were too thick, but allowed Yao to test the folding system by adjusting the hinges used to maximize stability. Once the folding mechanism was worked out, he could begin perfecting the dimension and refining the materials. Yao refined the chair by whittling away at the silhouette. His latest producible prototype has chrome-coated legs and a seat and back that can be neatly folded without any hindrances or distortion.

2017 Prototype – Photos by Brandon Friend-Solis

2016 Prototype – By Diana Yan

2015-2016 Prototype by Yuan

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