Plane Jane

A response to the availability, practicality and meaning of “high design.”

Project is a WIP. All pictures are current prototypes.

Kevin Shapiro
Project Type:

Inspired by years of uprooting from town to town, city to city, state to state, with as much travel in between, the Plane Jane line of collapsible plywood furniture makes it easy to transport to a new home or store when away traveling. The line attempts to eliminate having choose between a spontaneous lifestyle and having nice furniture. By eliminating fasteners of any kind, the furniture can be rapidly assembled and disassembled, so in addition to bringing food to a backyard party, you can bring a living room set. The design logic of intersecting planes provides a novel aesthetic to a very familiar material, when one sees plywood they tend to expect screws, studs and brackets therefore the absence of these can be more clearly appreciated. Plane Jane embraces simplicity, and belongs anywhere, whether in a living room for decades, or with you wherever you go.