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Dwell On Design 2017

This year Dwell on Design invited MADWORKSHOP for their annual convention to showcase our ongoing Homeless Studio project called Homes For Hope. Our goal was to raise awareness for homelessness and kick off the fundraising efforts for the project. The project was designed by MADWORKSHOP x USC School of Architecture’s Fall 2016 Homeless Studio. Homes For Hope is a transportable modular housing system that helps the homeless transition into permanent housing. This solution for emergency stabilization housing is supported by the City of LA and Mayor Garcetti.

During the convention, current MADWORKSHOP Fellows who were former students of the Homeless Studio came together to build a tiny house live on-site out of scavenged materials found in LA. Oakland based artist Gregory Kloehn also joined us at the event to guide the construction process of the home. The three day public happening reminded the convention-goers of the urgency of the city’s homeless crisis and how if we all pitch in, we can quickly make a difference.

The Homeless Studio professors Sofia Borges and R. Scott Mitchell along with Gregory Kloehn participated in a special panel on the main stage moderated by Gale Holland of the LA Times where they talked about homelessness, education, and Homes For Hope.

The tiny home was completed on the final day of the convention. Congratulations to Danielle who won the raffle for the home and decided to donate it. Many thanks to Danielle and all who donated to support housing LA’s homeless!