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Homes For Hope featured on The Building Centre!

Installed or dismantled in two weeks or less, Homes for Hope easily reconfigures and adapts to a range of site conditions. The stackable 92 square foot units aggregate into 30-bed communities. The base modules combine to form communal spaces, bathroom facilities, outdoor terraces, and courtyards. Homes for Hope offers an affordable and empowering solution for rapidly rehousing our city’s most vulnerable – the first step on one’s journey home. It provides transitional bridge housing to get people off the streets and into permanent supportive housing sooner.

Homes for Hope adds to a neighbourhood’s urban fabric, infusing a community with a sense of safety and altruism both day and night.

Project by Sofia Borges and R. Scott Mitchell

University of Southern California School of Architecture (USC) faculty members working in collaboration with MADWORKSHOP to establish the MADWORKSHOP Homeless Studio.