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Joy Ride By David Martin

The Joy Ride Book

David discovered Mexico’s sophisticated cultural landscape, often invisible on the surface however also omnipresent. From an architect’s point of reference, David gathered his observations and explored three examples of Mexico’s timeless sophistication.

He started his quest with the foundation of Mexico, its sacred Pre-Columbian cities and their overwhelming sculptural qualities. Next, he studied five stone Jesuit missions on the Baja Peninsula that were built between 1698 and 1785; in essence they are the first permanent structures in California. And finally he walked, mapped, and studied several colonial towns to understand how these urban centers were shaped by the placement of streets designed for pedestrian movement, sustainable planning, and the integration of public spaces with ritual.

Viewed through the eyes of a pre-eminent architect, Joy Ride brings a fresh understanding of the culture and history of Mexico and will undoubtedly provide inspiration to those designers looking to our past to find the future.