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Thank you KABC for mentioning our Homes For Hope Project!

New Design For Homeless Shelters Created by USC Architecture Students

By: Sandy Wells

USC Architecture Students think they might have a solution to L.A.’s homeless crisis. The students have designed miniature “pod” homes to provide temporary, and sanitary, places for the homeless to live.

Sofia Borges, Director of USC’s Mad WorkShop, says they’re very practical.

“Each unit is 92 square feet. You have your bed. Your space to store your belongings. You have a desk area so you can do work if you want to.”

She says the project is designed to neutralize urbanism.

“We wanted to say everyone has an idea of what a homeless shelter looks like. There’s such a stigma attached to that idea. And we wanted to say that this kind of shelter doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to be ugly, doesn’t have to look like a shelter. It can look like your average apartment building, one that you even would consider living in. And it doesn’t even have to be permanent.”

And the cost?

“They’re $25,000 per unit. It is an economy of scale, so the more we produce, the cheaper the base price will go.”

Borges was a guest on McIntyre in the Morning.