MacArthur Floating School

We’ve made the difficult decision to cancel the MacArthur Floating School, in accordance with the current public health crisis. Though we are disappointed about the circumstances, we are inspired by the dozens of organizations and individuals who came together to celebrate the neighborhood and its youth.


The MacArthur Floating School will make its US debut on MacArthur Park lake on April 1st, 2020. During its residency on the lake, the MacArthur Floating School will act as a vibrant public space for learning and a beacon for the city. The two thousand square feet of public space will be a haven for culture and knowledge exchange. The structure will host a dynamic public program during its residency on the lake. Local partners and organizations across the city will provide free cultural programming to the community including  hands-on workshops, wellness programs, art making, activism, and more. The nature of the floating project also presents an architectural response to rising sea levels and our widespread housing crisis. The iconic structure’s presence in the heart of Los Angeles is intended to spark conversation on how our city will be impacted by climate change and densification over the years to come, and what we can do about it.

This unprecedented collaboration provides a unique opportunity for design education and community engagement. Assembled on-site by USC Students, MADWORKSHOP fellows, Clark Construction, and NLÉ, the MacArthur Floating School will facilitate cultural exchange and provide a platform for engaging with and giving back to our local Los Angeles community through the creation and curation of public space. We look forward to your visit!

Project Partners

USC Architecture
CO Architects
Clark Construction
Nabih Youssef Associates

Program Partners

Bob Baker's Marionette Theater
UCLArts & Healing
Natural History Museum
Designmatter at ArtCenter
Diana Diaz
Espereza Elementary
Inner-City Arts
James Rojas
Climate Jam
my friend's place
School of Rock
Self Help graphics & arts