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MADWORKSHOP Board member, Edie Cohen will be leading two important discussions.

MADWORKSHOP Board member, Edie Cohen (Deputy Editor at Interior Design Magazine) will be leading two important discussions early this spring. The first, entitled No More Fakes, sponsored by the non-profit Be Original America, is a round-table on originality in design and how to prevent piracy. The second conversation is part of Coverings ’15 –the premier expo dedicated to the newest in ceramic tile and natural stone. Edie will be moderating a panel on the new direction of hospitality design. The panel will be a cross-section of new and veteran innovators in the hospitality sector.

Edie will also feature MADWORKSHOP in March’s issue of Interior Design Magazine dedicated to Big Ideas. Founders David and Mary Martin talk with Edie about MADWORKSHOP, its founding and philosophy, its current endeavors and its future plans. All in all “a big idea.”