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Pratt Creative Xchange Featured on Dexigner

Source: Dexigner

MADWORKSHOP and Pratt Institute have come together to establish a new creative education space in Kingston, NY – the Pratt Creative Xchange – with the aim of bringing the community together through design and craft.

This peer-to-peer educational model, built on regenerative social practices, sees students from Pratt Institute, community members and local artisans look to the rich manufacturing history of Kingston, a city now experiencing economic decline. Its program of creative community-centered workshops celebrates Kingston’s heritage – particularly its brickyards.

Through a program of creative workshops, knowledge is transferred peer-to-peer. This approach builds a networked community centered around design and learning. The project has resulted in a pop-up space filled with local craft that celebrates Kingston’s regional heritage and concluded with an internship program between master artisans and local high school students. The final hand-crafted objects include ceramics and soap, that reference the rich manufacturing history of Kingston.

Photo: Courtesy of PLANE—SITE