Pratt Creative Xchange

Pratt Creative Xchange (PCX) engages and energizes a community through design education. Designed with the specificity of Kingston and its manufacturing heritage in mind, the space brings together community members, students and designers in an educational model built on regenerative social practices.

Pratt Institute
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This ambitious collaboration with Pratt Institute reinvigorates the city of Kingston, NY through social enterprise and design. The cross-disciplinary think tank culminated in the opening of a pop-up space that serves as a lively hub for makers to transfer their crafts and training to the next generation of young designers.

Manufacturing and distribution have shaped the story and the identity of Kingston since its founding in the 1600s. From the remains of the city’s brickyards, to its historical sawmills and shirt factories, this rich heritage inspires the creative workshops and projects of the Pratt Creative Xchange. Here, artisans apply the same techniques and materials to create new local economies, communities, and positive change. Pratt Creative Xchange integrates the design expertise of the Pratt and MADWORKSHOP communities with the experience of local artists and designers to foster a vibrant learning environment.

Situated on the main street of town, the program creates a welcoming space where Kingstonians can share, learn, and create together. The programing of this temporary space offers peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, building a networked community centered around design and learning. Filled with local craft and unique products designed specifically for this collaboration, the pop-up space celebrates Kingston’s regional heritage.

“The efforts in Kingston are of the highest level of design quality. The notion of being able to cultivate local craft and community building around a marvelous design is a time tested concept exemplified by some of the greatest thinkers and talents including Robert Graham and Isamu Noguchi,” says David Martin, MADWORKSHOP Co-founder. “This type of collaboration is a powerful idea where everybody wins. That is our highest hope. With community support and the involvement of Pratt, MADWORKSHOP, and local stakeholders, we’ve set a high bar. We are thrilled to help foster this exchange between master artisans, local youth, and the community of Kingston.”