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Témenos Featured in Future Architecture


Témenos – from the latin ‘portion of sky’, ‘sacred enclosure’ – is a space designed to be a pause in the city, a place for every human to converge their thoughts, feelings and emotions to the highest degree through a one to one experience with art.

Given the undeniable link between the individual and its social environment, it is time to hold architecture accountable for the trend of the evolutionary process of man.

After years in which rationality, organization and control have been the main priorities in the architectural discipline, Témenos intends to represent a way to re-humanize architecture. In Témenos the individual rediscover himself as an emotional being, as his mind and body are put at the center of the spacial design: all visual distractions are blended out leaving space for introspection, prompting the observers to look without looking and to concentrate on emotions. The result is a resonant space, able to tune in with the user and to create empathy. This to me means to design for us, in the most effective way. Designing environments capable of making us feel present in space will not only lead the architectural discipline to a whole new level, but also raise the individual to a new sensibility.