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Homeless Studio featured on Archipanic!

NOMADIC FUNCTIONALITY – Design is an important tool to find affordable and decent solutions for those in need. The Martin Architecture and Design Workshop (MADWORKSHOP) partnered with the University of Southern California School of Architecture (USC) to create temporary, modular and expandable shelters working as as transitional housing on the go.

Students teamed with local agencies, city officials, artists and activists to develop a holistic solution to tackling homelessness. The result is a range of  large scale prototypes and a series of nomadic tiny homes designed after engaging with people in need. The new a nomadic village comprises modular units providing practical shelters that could be collapsed and reassembled in a variety of contexts. A convertible shopping cart turns into a tent structure. A portable bedroom is made of scavenged material. The Homes for Hope designs are prefabricated 92 square feet (8.5 square metre) apartments.

L.A. residential? Three great stories aiming to curb Los Angeles homelessness emergency