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Arroyo Bridge Section Debuts In Venice!

Video courtesy of Redshift by Autodesk

Inspired by the award-winning Arroyo Bridge, first developed in a USC School of Architecture studio in 2014 and with the support of a residency at the Autodesk Technology Center in Boston, a sculpture–Arroyo Bridge Section—is on display in the Giardini della Marinaressa as part of the European Cultural Centre’s Personal Structures show in Venice from April 23rd until November 27, 2022, offering new opportunities to engage with fabrication, production, and design ideas. Made in collaboration with R. Scott Mitchell of Gigante AG and MADWORKSHOP, Arroyo Bridge Section aims to explore and express the productive tension between robotic fabrication and handcrafted sculpture, and to begin to articulate new possibilities for structural form-making. An accompanying exhibition featuring photography and models runs concurrently in the Palazzo Mora.